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Flood Recovery Project: Public call for beneficiary selection

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callThe Flood Recovery Project is funded by the European Union, in cooperation with the entity governments of FBiH and RS, and implemented by the United Nations Development Program in B&H, in partnership with the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB), Hilfswerk International Austria (HWA), International Organization for Migration (IOM) along with the partner municipalities and cities. Project represents a continuation of flood recovery activities aimed at providing durable housing solutions, along with increasing livelihoods opportunities of the selected beneficiaries, including providion of agricultural assistance as well as self-employment initiatives.

Flood Recovery project is announcing a Public call for the beneficiary selection from the socially and economically vulnerable categories of population. Public call covers beneficiaries whose homes have been destroyed or damaged in 2014 floods.

For more information and application forms please follow links below:

Public call

Javni poziv za FBiH

Obrazac za prijavu FBiH

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