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UNHCR supporting return to Kalesija municipality

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Continuing its work to support the sustainability of return, UNHCR, on Monday, provided Serb returnees to the village of Gojcin in Kalesija municipality with over nine kilograms of wheat seed for winter cultivation. The provision of agricultural support allows returnee families to use their land and farming experience to ensure livelihood sustainability - a key element in making return successful.

Unemployment is a major problem in Kalesija and the economic crisis has had a particularly negative effect on returnees who are already in a vulnerable situation. In the past, returnees to the area have protested against the lack of opportunities and assistance. UNHCR's provision of the wheat seed, in cooperation with the "Association of Citizens and Farmers" from Gojcin and "Hilfswerk Austria", will support some 51 families (218 individuals) and is a step towards addressing the concerns of Serb returnees to the area and ensuring the success of return. Once the community is economically self-sustainable, it is hoped that other displaced people will opt to return there.

UNHCR continues to provide various types of assistance to returnees throughout BiH and advocates with authorities at all

levels in the country for the removal of the social, legal, economic and political obstacles which block sustainable return.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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